5 ways to spoil your mum this Mother’s Day

May 7, 2019
by Tayla Lifestyle

    Mother’s Day is the one day of the year we dedicate entirely to mum. Whether it’s bringing her breakfast in bed or sending flowers, here are five simple ways to celebrate all the wonderful women in our life.

    spoil mum mother's day

    Breakfast in bed

    Starting from the moment she wakes up, show Mum just how special she is by pampering her with a delicious meal in the comfort of her own bed. Try buttermilk pancakes with fresh berries & creme fraiche or sourdough toast with avocado & dukkah to start the day off with a bang!

    mothers day

    Give Mum her favourite flowers

    Flowers are a sure way to make Mum smile. Look for a variety of multi-coloured tulips, classic roses, trendy succulents to create the ultimate bouquet of flowers for Mum. If you’re looking to be more creative, why not make mum her very own flower pot. Buy a small pot from any homeware or gardening store, grab some paint and an art smock and channel your inner Picasso. She’ll love your little masterpiece.

    This year it’s about experiences

    Organise a fun and unforgettable day for Mum. Plan a relaxing spa getaway or simply create one at home. Fill the tub with bubbles and scented oils, switch on soothing music and light a candle. If your mum likes the outdoors, pack a picnic and surprise her with an exciting road trip down to the beach or even find a beautiful hiking trail.

    Share the joy with a special homemade dinner

    Keep the surprises coming by treating Mum to a wholesome homemade meal. Get the whole family involved to make it extra special. Hannah Gilbert, Head of Culinary at HelloFresh and Accrediting Practising Dietitian, has a couple flavoursome and delicious suggestions, such as our Creamy Chicken Penne or Cheesy Beef and Bean Rice Bowl. Treat mum to a warm and tasty meal she won’t forget this Mother’s day.

    mothers day

    Wind down with the family

    Get the family together to watch Mum’s all-time favourite movie. Stock up with popcorn and snacks or even whip up a delicious chocolatey dessert that will most certainly melt her heart. Mum will love snuggling up with her loved ones on the couch to end her special day.

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