Spice up your week with our new Takeaway Faves

March 28, 2022
by Leila Eat

    We’ve turned up the dial on delicious dinners with a collection of new takeaway-inspired dishes that put finger-licking flavour first. 

    Introducing our new limited edition Takeaway Fave recipes! Now you can whip up your favourite takeaway dishes from home, without the extra cost or wait time. Each recipe takes 30 minutes or less to cook and features your favourite takeaway flavours made extra fresh with the highest quality produce. 

    Perfect for when you’re craving your go-to takeaway spot, our Takeaway Faves collection is healthier, easier on your wallet, and guaranteed to be just as, or maybe even more delicious. 

    There’s poke bowls… and then there’s our Easy Pulled Sesame Chicken Poke Bowl with Miso Roasted Kumara & Slaw

    Bowls are way past “having a moment.” They’ve become a takeaway go-to and pillar of our lunches and dinners. Shred tender slow-cooked chicken breast and coat with creamy sesame dressing. Then, serve with roasted kumara and fluffy jasmine rice and voila! A blissful bowl that rivals what you’d get at your local poke joint.

    Enjoy a takeaway classic with our Chicken Korma Curry & Garlic Rice with Greek-Style Yoghurt & Mango Chutney

    Whip up this mouthwatering chicken korma curry in less time than it would take to order from your local Indian restaurant. Our Mumbai spice blend and curry paste brings punchy flavour and pairs perfectly with mango chutney and fluffy garlic rice.

    Last but definitely not least, don’t skip our Takeaway Fave Cheesy Kiwi Beef Burger & Fries with Beetroot Relish & Fried Egg

    You’ll want to roll up your sleeves for this one! Basically, our chefs take on the classic restaurant burger (but better). Juicy beef patties, melty smoked Cheddar, fried eggs and tangy beetroot relish. There’s also a side of baked fries with Dijon aioli for dipping, because how could we not!?

    Add a limited edition Takeaway Fave recipe to your weekly delivery for no extra charge from 5th April – 10th May.

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