Our ‘how to’ guide to get your kids cooking these school holidays!

July 4, 2019
by Tayla Eat

    Learning to cook is a basic skill and one that almost everyone needs. Being able to pull together a few ingredients to create a simple meal is a great life hack. This is why teaching children to cook in the early stages of their life can help prepare them for their future. Cooking has many benefits for a child. It can teach them the importance of following directions, build their self esteem and help provide a sense of achievement. Plus, when you involve a child in the process of cooking, it increases the likelihood they’ll eat and even finish the whole dish because kids that cook, usually become kids that taste. 

    The team at HelloFresh have helped pull together a list of skills for kids to master in the kitchen, just in time for school holiday cooking!

    Reading a recipe 

    Being able to read a recipe teaches kids how to follow step-by-step instructions. Plus, they get to see their hard work turn into a tasty treat which they get to enjoy too! 

    Measuring ingredients

    Teaching children the importance of measuring ingredients correctly for a recipe to work is an essential lesson. Not to mention, it’s an exciting way to teach basic math skills at home! 

    Boiling water

    Showing older children how to boil water safely is a very handy skill, that gives them the ability to cook pasta, boil eggs or steam vegetables. 

    Using a thermometer 

    Aside from being another great way to bring maths into the kitchen, teaching kids to use a thermometer will help them learn the importance of cooking at the correct temperature. Additionally, it provides the opportunity to teach a safety tip or two about dealing with hot pots and pans!  

    Using a kitchen knife for chopping

    Kids have a tendency to cut ‘comfortably’, meaning they stand in a huddled over position, cutting close to their body. Teaching kids to always keep their eyes on the knife, chop slowly, and stand at arms length is an important lesson for kitchen safety. 

    Peeling fruit and vegetables

    Giving kids the task of peeling fruit and veggies is another great way to get them involved in the kitchen! Just make sure to teach them how to use a peeler safely before giving them the job. 

    Cooking on a stove top

    Scrambled eggs is an easy dish to create when first teaching children how to use a stove. Top tips: remember to face all handles to the side in order to avoid them being knocked, and remember to remind them to turn off the dial once done cooking. 

    Using a stand mixer

    Teaching kids to use a stand mixer is a simple task that doesn’t require too much supervision, and allows them to feel independent. Let your kids take control of pouring or sifting the ingredients into the mixer, and mix up their favourite cookie batter! 

    Kneading dough

    Encouraging your kids to be hands on in the kitchen is a great way to overcome lack of confidence. Kneading dough is a great activity to get them involved in the cooking process at home, making them feel as if they have contributed to the dish. 

    Rinsing dishes and loading the dishwasher 

    Getting kids involved with cleaning up dishes will give you a helping hand, as well as teaching your kids kitchen etiquette at an early age.

    For recipe inspiration to get the kids involved in the kitchen, check out our family plan that features a range of meals your kids will be able to help out with! Find out more here.

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