Spring into the season

September 3, 2019
by Tayla Eat

    It’s time to say goodbye to winter, and hello to fresh spring fruit! To get you ready, the team at HelloFresh have put together a list of fruit to help you spring into the season! 

    Kiwi Fruit

    With growing season beginning June to August, the best time to indulge in some delicious kiwi fruit is from September to November…Spring! Strangely accurate, kiwi’s are usually described as tasting like a combination of strawberry, banana and pineapple. Kiwi’s are also considered a super food because of the large amount of fibre and antioxidants they contain. No better excuse to eat up!


    Strawberries have the perfect balance of acidity and sweetness. However, the riper they are, the sweeter they’ll taste, which is why they are best between September to March. Strawberries can be an easy, fresh, spring snack. Simply chop them up and use them in smoothies, salads or even as a drink garnish! You can also keep them whole and dip them in chocolate for a delicious sweet treat.  Fun fact: Strawberries are a member of the rose family! 


    Apples are a very popular fruit grown worldwide, with an unimaginable 7,500 varieties around the globe. In New Zealand there are several regions with apple orchards. The majority (60%) are in the Hawke’s Bay region, with another 26% of Orchards in the Nelson Tasmin region. Although harvested from January to May, Green apples are available all year round and can add a sweet flavour to balance out a usually heavier dish in the warmer months! Our Mustard Pork and Apple with Honey Roasted Veggies is the perfect blend of savory and sweet, for a fresh spring tasting meal. 


    Avocado has a rich, buttery and creamy texture, and are at their best during spring and summer. However, due to there being orchards in multiple locations around New Zealand, all with varying climates, avocado can be harvested all year round – what a win! Dishes such as our Cauliflower Burrito Bowl features a generous serving of avocado, making for a colourful, light and flavoursome meal. 


    Although lemon’s are also available all year round, lemon’s are harvested in New Zealand from June to March. A lemon’s zesty flavour makes it perfect for adding a fresh kick and spring feeling to any dish. Try our Lemon Pepper Salmon with Dill and Potato Salad for a zesty, fresh taste of spring. 

    Go on, and enjoy the fruits of spring at their peak quality!

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