You cheddar believe it! It’s National Cheese Month

October 9, 2019
by Lauren J. Eat

    October is no regular month. Why? Because it’s National Cheese Month! A celebration that definitely makes sense, because obviously cheese deserves to be celebrated for an entire month. Cheese is a staple ingredient in most households, and with a huge variety, from soft to hard, and nutty to sharp, the options are endless. 

    At HelloFresh, we LOVE our cheese, and with so many recipes to choose from, picking a favourite is hard. So, we’ve put together a list of our top 5 favourite cheesy recipes for you to indulge in this October. No need to thank us, just enjoy!

    Baked Beef and Corn Quesadilla

    In-queso you didn’t know, in Mexico, traditional quesadilla isn’t made with cheese! However, at HelloFresh, we’re all about shaking up the classics, and since cheese is so gouda, how could we not add cheese! Our scrumptious Baked Beef and Corn Quesadilla is enriched with bold, mexican flavours and a hearty cheese and meat filling that is sure to hit you with maximum flavour, and minimal fuss!

    Speedy Bacon and Cheese Spaghetti

    Oh, oh, spaghettio, have we got a good one for you. Obviously, one of the best things about pasta is that there are so many kinds, and we wouldn’t be celebrating national cheese month properly if we didn’t share this brie-lliant cheesy dish with you! From the savoury bacon, to the melted cheddar cheese, this recipe is simply delicious and hard to fault. What’s not to love about a big bowl of rich, cheesy pasta? We can’t think of much. 

    Tom’s Mexican Tortilla Stack

    Introducing our Mexican Tortilla Stack. It’s kind of like lasagne, but with a mexican twist. Just think, a stack of tortillas, layered with a classic taco filling, and a super cheesy topping. It sounds unreal, right? Well it is, and you should definitely try it. 

    Classic Chicken Parmigiana 

    Ah, chicken parma. Succulent crumbed chicken, sweet tomato sauce, melted cheddar cheese and fresh basil…what a combination! If this dish doesn’t have you licking the plate clean, we’re not sure what will. This nostalgic classic chicken and cheese combo always pulls a crowd and will keep the family asking for more, so be prepared to make extra. 

    Cheesy Veggie-Loaded Baked Gnocchi

    Soft pillowy bundles of potato gnocchi smothered in cheese and grilled to perfection.  This deliciously golden and oozy dish is a definite show stopper and can generate a mean cheese pull, so get your phones ready for a cheesy snap. Just wait until you pull this dish of bubbling goodness from the oven. Do we need to say more?

    … And since it’s national cheese month, feel free to add extra cheese if you please. 

    Recipes and tips courtesy of HelloFresh –  HelloFresh is a meal-kit provider that offers professionally tried-and-tested recipes with pre-portioned ingredients delivered straight to your door. Giving you more time to focus on the fun stuff – preparing a wholesome, homemade meal everyone can enjoy! 

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