It’s World Pasta Day!

October 25, 2019
by Lauren J. Eat

    Who doesn’t love digging into a big bowl of hearty, saucy, cheesy pasta? Whether it’s in the middle of winter, or at the peak of summer, pasta is always a good idea, and we’ve got some great news… today is World Pasta Day! So, to celebrate, it’s time to load up on oodles of noodles and get your pasta game ON! It would be fusilli not to…

    The team at HelloFresh have put together a list of some of their best pasta recipes to help you celebrate the day in style. It’s time to get slurping!

    Italian Pesto Meatballs

    Mamma mia, is there anything better than some homemade spaghetti and meatballs… because who can really be upsetti when they’re eating spaghetti? Our twist on this classic adds that extra flavour you didn’t even know you were missing. Dive into a bowl of this soul-warming creation that is sure to take you right back to Nonna’s kitchen table. 

    Creamy Chicken Penne 

    This saucy creation is definitely one for the recipe books. Creamy tomato sauce and chunks of tender chicken, topped with flavoursome parmesan, it’s an easy and delicious combination that cannot be flawed. With a contrast of sweet and savoury, this dish really has it all. Make sure you save some for yourself before putting it on the table… this one tends to go quickly! Buon Appetito!

    Cheesy veggie-loaded grilled gnocchi 

    For the sake of deliciousness, let’s all agree that gnocchi is part of the pasta family. Soft pillowy bundles of potato gnocchi smothered in cheese and grilled to perfection. This deliciously golden and oozy dish is a definite show stopper. Just wait until you pull this dish of bubbling goodness from the oven. Do we need to say more? Don’t gnoch-it till you try it!

    Easy Bacon Carbonara 

    Eggs, bacon, pepper, parmesan and olive oil… but wait, there’s more! Once you know the rules of Italian cooking, you can break them, and that’s what we’ve done. With an addition of vibrant green spinach and toasted pine nuts for an irresistible crunch, this dish sure won’t go bacon your heart.

    So, go on and give them all a try, because after all, life is about exploring all the pasta-bilities.

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