Introducing… Custom sides!

November 17, 2021
by Leila Eat

    Have you noticed the exciting new addition to the weekly menu?

    You can now customise your sides in selected HelloFresh recipes, giving you even more control over dinnertime.

    We’ve kept things flexible with the option to swap or add ingredients, depending on the recipe. So, whether you fancy adding extra veggies to your grilled chicken or swapping rice for brown or cauliflower rice, we’ve got you sorted.

    For the full lowdown on our custom recipes, take a read…

    What are custom recipes?

    There are two custom sides recipes on the menu every week, each with a different option:

    • Swap like-for-like ingredients. This might be a simple switch from white rice to brown rice, to better suit your preferences.

    Fancy kumara instead of potato fries? Make the swap to add a delicious twist to your favourite dishes.

    • Add extra veggies. Want to up your veg intake? We don’t blame you!

    All of these recipes have been tried and tested by our Culinary team to make sure each ingredient change is just as delicious as the original. And with the custom cooking instructions on the recipe card, preparing dinner will be just as simple as you’re used to.

    How will I know a recipe is customisable?

    On our menu, some of our recipes are marked with the ‘Customise’ label above the recipe name. Simply take your pick, and tailor your recipe to better suit your household’s tastes! 

    We look forward to seeing you in the kitchen.

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