Recipes to create your own romance!

February 14, 2020
by Helen Lifestyle

    Set hearts racing this Valentine’s Day by skipping the crowded restaurant and creating your own delicious dinner at home. 

    As we all know, a heartfelt effort trumps anything you can buy at the shops. So pop on an apron, pour yourself a glass of wine and cook a romantic meal for you and your loved one.

    We think there’s a few things that make a romantic dinner truly special, like the table setting, music and most importantly; what mouth-watering meal  you create. 

    So pop on the soothing sounds of Joni Mitchell or Michael Buble, and in a few simple steps you’ll have mouths watering and hearts melting.


    They say we eat with our eyes, so here’s our top tips for sprucing up the dining table:

    1. Lay out a fresh table cloth 
    2. Polish the silver with a tea towel
    3. Light some candles (bonus points if they smell good!)
    4. Pop some freshly-picked flowers in a vase to add colour to the table


    Some of our favourite recipes: 


    The age old adage says the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, and we think these delicious dishes might just get you there!

    Happy Valentine’s Day. 

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