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March 4, 2020
by Helen Eat

    Have you noticed new ingredients appearing on the HelloFresh menu recently? Don’t be alarmed if you haven’t… Some are in disguise!

    Let’s look at jackfruit. The plant-based substitute soaks up savoury flavours and looks similar to pulled pork when cooked. Bizarre, right?

    At HelloFresh we are always trying to give you more variety and more deliciousness in your meal box. New ingredients means new flavours to explore and new cooking techniques to practise, which sounds like exciting times ahead! 

    Here are six new ingredients we think you’ll love to cook (and enjoy eating): 

    • Jackfruit. A plant-based alternative to soak up savoury flavours. The green unripe jackfruit has a neutral flavour (like potato!) and transforms into a stringy ‘meat-like’ texture when cooked. 
    • Freekeh is an ancient grain. It’s equal parts nutty and smoky in flavour, with more good-for-you stuff than nearly any other grain. Turn a simple salad into something special with the addition of freekeh. 



    • Paneer is a fresh cheese popular in India that doesn’t melt and has a mild milky flavour. It is the star ingredient when added to vegetarian curries. Try this Pumpkin, Coconut and Paneer Curry and you’ll see what we mean. 
    • Parsnip, a cousin of the carrot, is a tasty winter vegetable. Their earthy flavour makes them a great substitute for potatoes. Use them as a base to serve succulent meat dishes and we promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
    • Snapper for the fish lovers. It’s white, delicate flesh and lean texture offers a sweet, fresh taste to any dish it’s accompanied with. We’re coating snapper in a Sichuan sauce to make it a little bit fancy.


    • Porcini mushrooms have a deeper and nuttier flavour to more common mushrooms. Dried porcini mushrooms once rehydrated, add delicious flavour to recipes, especially in spaghetti bolognese

    Don’t forget to rate your recipes and tell us what you think when new ingredients appear on the menu! Your feedback is important to our culinary team

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