New Zealand Loves: The 4 Flavours Kiwis Go Mad For

May 24, 2024
by Christina Inspiration

    We’re all about packing as much flavour into every bite of our meals as possible. But what flavours do the people of New Zealand like the best? We posed this question to our culinary team, and the results might just surprise you.

    Salty & Sweet

    Honey-Thyme Haloumi & Garlicky Root Veggies with Almonds & Dill-Parsley Mayo. Flavours kiwis love

    Right out of the gates, we’re starting with a classic: salty and sweet. Not the sickly kind that makes your face pucker because it tastes like you’ve just dipped your tongue into a pot of salt or sugar. But the more refined kind that requires balance and a light hand.

    Sounds right up your alley? Grab the recipe for Honey-Thyme Haloumi & Garlicky Root Veggies and satisfy your very Kiwi cravings tonight.


    Chermoula-Spiced Beef & Rainbow Slaw Tacos. Kiwi Flavours

    Paprika is one of the most popular spices in New Zealand. And with no signs of its popularity waning, paprika is an obvious choice for this list. From smoky Spanish paprika to the more mild Hungarian varieties, Kiwis everywhere go nuts for paprika.

    If paprika is the pick of your palate, why not cook up this Chermoula-Spiced Beef & Rainbow Slaw Tacos?


    You might be thinking ‘that’s so vague’, ‘didn’t you just say paprika is smoky?’, ‘is smoke even a flavour?’. We hear you, and yes, smoky counts as a real flavour. It’s the flavour of your weekend barbeques in summer, with perfectly charred meat sizzling over the barbie. It’s the taste of your roast lamb, cooking to blushing perfection on Sunday. Is your mouth watering yet?

    Add a bit of smokiness to your weeknight dinners with Smoky Spiced Pork Schnitzel.


    Ahh, garlic, an old classic and a firm favourite among Kiwis everywhere. Garlic makes good food into great food thanks to the rich, umami flavour notes that it develops when it’s cooked. It’s the reason why all your favourite savoury dishes are your favourite savoury dishes.

    Get some garlic in your life with this Peppered Beef Rump with Garlicky Roast Veggie Toss & Aioli.

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