What to eat while you binge watch your favourite shows

June 11, 2020
by Helen Eat

    Comfy chair? Check. Remote control? Check. Indulgent and simply delicious food? Coming right up …

    Whether you’re in the mood for a new TV series to binge or a classic you haven’t seen in ages, these recommendations will keep your eyes glued to that screen and, with perfectly paired HelloFresh recipes, the ultimate night in couldn’t be easier!

    TV Series 

    After Life 

    If you like: Dark comedy 

    After Life seamlessly goes from dark comedy to tear-jerking drama in a matter of minutes. It follows a man (Ricky Gervais) who decides to do and say whatever he wants following his wife’s death – this ends up being trickier than he envisioned. Once you start with After Life, you won’t be able to stop. You’ll easily knock it over on a weekend, as there’s only two short seasons. 

    While watching the show, munch on these Korean Beef Tacos to see you through.

    Modern Family 

    If you like: Feel-good family comedy

    If you haven’t seen Modern Family, you should! And if you have, you won’t have to think twice about a Modern Family marathon. This mockumentary style sitcom gives a hilariously real and relatable insight into how unique each family is, with lots of important lessons on family values along the way. 

    Cook up our Mexican Crumbed Chicken Burger with Baked Fries & Lemon Mayo , a firm family favourite, and settle in and pass the time. 

    Game of Thrones 

    If you like: Action

    You know a show is going to be a good binge watch when you’re tearing your hair out waiting for new episodes. The epic fantasy story line came to a close in 2019, so if you’re yet to start or just never quite finished, you can now stream every episode for the ultimate binge-fest. 

    Inspired by Jon Snow, give these ~ cool ~ vegan ice creams a try!

    Killing Eve

    If you like: Crime drama 

    Killing Eve is an action-packed spy thriller that successfully intertwines suspense and humour as it follows the protagonist (Sandra Oh) in her cat and mouse chase with an elusive and mysterious assassin, Villanelle. You may recognise Oh from her stint on Grey’s Anatomy (another binge-worthy series!), but her performance in Killing Eve is so captivating it won her a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a drama series.  

    Nachos are the best kind of food for any TV marathon. These Pulled Chilli & Lime Jackfruit Nachos require zero fuss assemblage and will be on the plate in a flash.  



    If you like: Meaningful messages

    This is a touching, feel-good family movie with positive messages throughout. It tells a story of acceptance, kindness and appreciating people for who they are. 

    We figured something so heart-warming deserves a feel-good dish and what’s more comforting than a bowl of delicious pasta? Our Cheat’s Italian Pork & Veggie Bolognese is just the thing. 

    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 

    If you like: A family favourite

    One for a family film night, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a classic that appeals to every member of the family. Don’t make the mistake of watching Tim Burton’s newer version of the film first. While this film was released in 1971, it captures Roald Dahl’s quirky book much better than the newer film. 

    The movie calls for one thing and one thing only … chocolate, of course! Try our simple chocolate cake recipe for the perfect Sunday afternoon treat. 


    If you like: A timeless cult classic

    A perfect rainy day film, this quintessential 80’s American musical romantic comedy can be watched and sung along to countless times. 

    It’s only right, then, that we match this film with an all-American recipe, our American Chicken & Roasted Pumpkin with Chipotle Mayo Drizzle.  


    We hope you enjoy these recipe recommendations. We promise they taste even better sitting on the couch!

    Happy cooking,

    The HelloFresh team

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