What pantry staples do I need?

February 25, 2020
by Anna Eat

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    Before you start cooking, you’ll just need to check your cupboard for a few pantry staples. It’s no biggie! They’re all common household ingredients, so chances are you’ll already have them.

    Basic Ingredients

    Salt & Pepper is a must! You can season your dish pinch-by-pinch as you go, using as little or as much as you like to suit your tastes.

    Olive Oil. It’s our go-to for both frying and baking, and you’ll use this for most meals. 

    Vinegars (White Wine, Rice Wine, Balsamic). A number of our delicious recipes call for White Wine Vinegar, and if you love Asian cooking it’ll pay to keep your cupboard stocked with Rice Wine Vinegar too. Balsamic Vinegar is used less often, but is also handy to have.

    Plain Flour. Particularly necessary if you’re partial to anything crumbed!

    Soy Sauce is used in some of our marinades and sauces, in particular for Asian dishes.

    Honey is a natural sweetener and you’ll find yourself using this for a number of marinades.

    Occasional Ingredients

    Milk. We’re sure you’ll have this in the fridge anyway! You should only ever need a few tablespoons at one time.

    Eggs. You’ll usually need egg for recipes that require crumbing, but every now and then we make it the star of the dish (like in this Korean Beef Bibimbap).

    Butter. Because would it be mashed potato without it?!

    Sugar. Just a spoonful of (brown) sugar is all you’ll need when a recipe calls for it!

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